archeoswap.com Review | Is archeoswap.com Legit ? Scam or Legit

About archeoswap.com:

archeoswap.com is one of the strongest exchange platforms that our team have invested in recently. A platform that works both as an exchange and has an investment program. Maybe your question is, how can I receive 1200$ every month? I have to tell you that with an investment of $200 and using the referral program of this platform, this amount of income is possible. However, the numerous investment programs of archeoswap.com allow you to generate more income.

What are the investment plans of archeoswap.com?

1.Stacking plans

A contract is a process in which you lock part of your investment for a specific period of time and earn withdrawable profit in specific intervals. To open a contract you need enough APST as the contract amount, 10 USDT as the contract fee, and some TRX (~ 16 TRX) as the network fee.

You should first buy APT or deposit your APT tokens to your wallet and swap it to APST. After swapping you can open a contract by referral code(s). You may have one or two referral code(s). follow instructions on contract pages for details. The minimum amount for a 1 Year contract is equivalent to 1000 USDT and for 2 years is equivalent to 200 USDT.

Also in the below picture, you can find how much you can earn in different contract plans. Select which is perfect for you.

Note: At this moment, according to the site’s policies, 3-month and 6-month contracts have not been launched yet.

How to start investing in archeoswap.com :

In this review, we want to describe all the steps of working with archeoswap.com. Registering in the system, verifying, how to swap, opening a contract, and using the referral code are some of the steps we want to explain.

  1. According to the below image and arrow ,First Go to home page and click the get started button.

2. According to the below image you should fill all 3 fields(Email, password and confirm password), fill the terms and privacy checkbox (If you are an archeo member click the login button) .

Note: Your Password must contain at least (8 characters, 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 special character).

3. Click The register button.

4- According below mage you redirect quick steps page and should click the basic KYC.

5- In Basic KYC you should fill 2 fields (your name and your family) and click the send verification code button.

6- Now you receive the verification code in your email. Go to your email account and open your inbox or spam. According to below image you must check and copy the verification code.

emal verify

7- According to below image , you must paste the sent verification code in the specified field. Finally click save changes.

8- According to the below image, in verify account tab, you must click verify your account.

*Your TRX wallet should have 50 TRX + 10 TRx for the transaction fee.
*We recommend you deposit 100 TRX to verify your account and future transaction fees.

9- Now you must go to crypto wallets tab and then go to TRX wallet and click the Deposit.

10- In this step, You must copy the TRC20 address and paste it into your TRON wallet for the charging required TRON.

We recommend you deposit 100 TRX to verify your account and future transaction fees.

11- After the previous step, your account has been verified.

According to the below image, You must go to crypto wallets, and in the USDT section click the Deposit .

12 – Similar to number 10 step, You must copy USDT address and paste it to your Tether USDT wallet for charging 215 USDT tokens below TRC20.

We Recommend you send 215 USDT -TRC20 ( 202$ For swapping, 10$ for the contract, and the rest for the required fee).

13 – In the next step, You must go to APT section (The archeo’s Token) and click the swap.

14 – According to the below image, you must swap 202 USDT for APT token. You will receive 101000 APT in this step.

15- According to the below image, You must click the swap in APST section.

16 – According to the below image, you must swap 100,000 APT for APST. You will receive 100,000 APST in this step.

You should view this swap transaction in recent swaps.

17. Finally you must go to contracts and select plan 4 (2 Years) for 100,000 APST.

2-Referral Bonus

Direct Commission: 5%

Support Commission: 2%

Direct Commission:

In this program, you can earn profit by sharing the contract feature among users.
If any user opens a contract by your referral code, you earn 3% of his/her contract amount as income profit.
What’s more, If the user has been placed in the direction of your level you can earn an additional 2% of his/her contract amount because you are the parent of that user in the referral system.

Support Commission:
In other referral program if the user has not been placed in the direct level of where you are, you can earn, only 3% of his/her contract amount.

18 – You can go to referral links and copy your referral link for sharing with your partners or friends. It’s the best way for earning money. Note without the first deposit, the referral link is not active. Therefore first create a contract and then begin affiliate marketing.

3. Quick steps

In this plan, you can earn profit in three steps.

In the first step, if you have developed two teams (branches in referral chart) which each one has invested greater or equal to 1000 USDT, your commission will be 100 USDT.

After passing the first step, you can earn the commission of the second step, if you have developed two teams (branches in referral chart) which each one has invested greater or equal to 2000 USDT, your commission will be 200 USDT.

Finally, After passing the second step, you can earn the commission of the last step, if you have developed two teams (branches in referral chart) which each one has invested greater or equal to 3000 USDT, your commission will be 300 USDT.

Important notes:

  1. 1. You can earn double commission in each step if you have developed four teams instead of two teams simultaneously.
  2. 2. After passing each step, the volume amount which has been used in a specific team will be flashed out in the next step.
    Ex: if the first team is called User(A) and his/her volume is 3500 USDT and the second team is called User(B) and his/her volume is 2500 USDT, after passing step one, the volume of these two teams is 2500 USDT and 1500 USDT respectively.
  3. 3. The deadline of this plan is 90 days after your contract creation date and after the deadline, you are not included in this plan.

4. Balance reward

In the Balance reward plan, you can earn 500 USDT commission for each of three teams who have invested a multiply of 3,000 USDT.
For example, if you are going to develop at least three teams and the total investment of each one can reach 3,000 USDT, you will earn 500 USDT as commission.

Important notes:

  1. 1. You can develop your teams in every 90-days cycle that has started from the beginning day of your contract creation.
  2. 2. You can earn up to 10X in one day. If this limit exceeds will lead to flashing out all team balances that are greater and equal to 3,000 USDT.
  3. 3. At the end of each cycle, if you can develop four teams who each one has invested at least 21,000 USDT during the cycle, you will earn a 2,000 USDT as a bonus as well. Also, the remaining invested balance of each team will be held for the next cycle.
  4. 4. On the other hand, if you can’t meet the above condition, all team balances will be flashed for the next cycle.
  5. 5. If you meet the bonus condition once, the team balances will be held as life-time in your contracts time.
  6. 6. Your receipts in this section are calculated as soon as the conditions are met and can be withdrawn in USDT (Trc20) at the end of the working day after qualifying.

Author Comment :

The design of archeoswap.com is unique. The landing page and user account have a unique design. Investment programs are reasonable. You don’t need to invest in archeoswap.com . It’s an exchange and you can swap and buy APT . You can also open contracts and the available contract is 2 years contract for now.


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